We’re Back! Open that is.

Yes we have opened back up and we are happy about that. We have made the necessary adjustments to keep staff and customers safe and if everyone remembers their physical distancing we hopefully will be fine. Some people think maybe we should not open, some think the province is moving to fast. Well I can tell you no one at the MFO wants anyone to get Covid 19 or die from it at all. However, if independent, locally owned stores like us do not reopen and start generating business then those stores will close they will die.

Two and a half months of partial sales or no sales means stores, restaurants and all those places that closed are bleeding red, red ink. Whether you bleed actual blood or red ink the result is the same you will eventually die. So we ask that people act responsibly, together as a province and country we continue to protect the most vulnerable to Covid 19, and we thank all the front line workers! Otherwise come back and shop, we need you.

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